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It is with much sadness & dismay I share, with as much resistance as I can possibly spend, I must start blogging. As a marketing & business consultant, a family man working to support his family, a child trapped inside a man’s body resisting a 9-5, I begin my first contribution…

Please be forgiving, I am not a writer, but with any luck, hopefully we all can learn some things we never knew before and start changing ourselves for the better, together. BIG thank you to my family and friends for supporting this endeavor and all the previous paths that led me here. Also to Seth Godin for showing me the path to this terrifying cliff. I hope one day to also look back at an amazing library of thoughts, trends, instruction and inspiring help. I am still at the beginning of your content, I cannot imagine what is still in that treasure trove.

Minimally, I hope we at least gain a new case study of work and see some cool evolution. The “This is Important” podcast (the Workaholics guys) said it takes around 70 podcast episodes to get good. That means blog writing will be way faster, right? I don’t know…let’s find out.

What have done so far in our careers? Take a journey ( less than 5 minutes long ).

Topics to discuss – 

Community. Learning. Marketing. Business. Writing. Graphic Design. Project Management. Program Management. Resource management. In-house. Agency. Productivity. Tips. Tricks. Recruiting. Freelancing. Contracting. Negotiating. Reviews and audits. Recommendations. Small businesses. Medium businesses. Storytelling. Lessons. Stories. Sharing. Networking. Growing. Coaching. Mentoring. Questions. Advice (within reason). Careers. Research. Data. Science. History. Motivation.

Am I forgetting something? Let’s talk about it in the comments. Do you have an opinion? Please share it (within reason).

To participate, all we ask is that you please adhere to a few rules –

1. Care

2. Be a lifelong creative problem solver

we surround ourselves with passionate people who always want to learn more. 

3. Malleability 

We adapt & flex into situations & view the person’s issues through their lens. 

4. Intelligently communicate

Be reasonable, debate & defend for the best possible solution within a project. 

This is the way.

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