The best advice from someone who had to stumble through career growth…

Something I talk to leaders & contributors about all the time ( feels like more now than ever ) –

If you feel like you want to make a change, DO IT. Trust your guts, I wish I had, especially when I had everyone telling me how to build a ( *my* ) career. I would have gotten years back.

There are tons of FREE resources to help you grow & change. YOU are literally the only obstacle.

Too optimistic? Ok. You do you! We’ll be here. 🤘

Too skeptical? I did it. When I felt like I peaked as a Designer & felt unsatisfied in my future in Marketing, I decided this wasn’t my ceiling & I wanted more. I knew I loved helping people & had a passion for organization.

I started with free resources – I googled “How to be a project manager.”

After a couple months on my own time, consuming everything I could for free, I bought a digital program to learn about the PMP certification of Project Management ( I spent around $100 ). I used the certification prep as a validation milestone to ensure I knew what I was getting into with PM work & that the free resources I searched for & used at the beginning were legit ( they were ).

I went out & found work for companies on the side of my “real” job.

My first PM experience was for TEDx Seattle. It was unpaid, but I framed it as priceless, as I could test out these new skills with a real client ( that I respected & followed already ) & would boost my profile appeal to Recruiters. No brainer for me, no brainer for them. Everybody won.

I built experience for free or for what got me in the door. I tracked metrics & built out some case studies. I didn’t know if it was what I wanted to do long term, & I knew minimally with this approach, I would have something to build off of if a Recruiter asked me what I have been doing lately.

There is a TON more to this story.

Fast forward 5( ish ) short years – I own a Marketing Agency focused on helping SMB’s find their way & helping people find their passions ( my primary driver ).

If you don’t like where you are, for whatever reason, CHANGE YOUR LIFE. No one is going to do it for you. The more I read, the more I discover, you are the only opportunity & catalyst to a better life. When you discover this, you unlock more levels of life. Below is a great list ( & future resource for more! ) to get started.

Finding free education from around the world on any topic? WE LIVE IN THE FUTURE.

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