case study 2021

Sombrero Peak Quilting is an Arizona-based longarm quilting company. They specialize in edge-to-edge as well as semi-custom longarm quilting services. Serving customers around the country, from hobbyist to reseller, Sombrero Peak helps create works of art at a fraction of the time and effort.

Service Included

Sombrero Peak Quilting had an idea for what they were looking for in a logo, but did not have the resources to develop exactly what they were looking for. They had a great foundation for direction and ideas on how to be great, but were stuck on the execution. With upcoming tradeshows and business moving forward, they needed branding that was personal, eye-catching and relevant for their customers.

Enter Left Brain | Right Brain.

Research and identify the community and competition.

identifying a logo and business collateral, expanding into other facets of Marketing.

Compete with larger competition.

Establish marketing collateral for getting started in tradeshows and networking events.

Competitive Research Criteria (blurred for confidentiality)

We began consulting with our research & discovery phase – We researched and studied the market for quilting both as a hobby and as a professional business. We interviewed stakeholders to capture their vision and passion for their business. We researched and benchmarked their competition to understand what audiences were looking for in a company. We distilled the most important pieces into a presentation and upon approval from the founders, went to work.

Initial concepts from the client

Concepting stage

Sombrero Peak Quilting was looking to identify their voice and establish their brand to compete with other much larger companies in the market. They had a good idea of where they wanted to go, but did not have the resources to create just what they were looking for. LBRB worked to understand their perspective and take their logo further than they anticipated with the development of an entire branded suite.

custom collateral

”They were great at communicating, listening to our company and logo needs and felt as if they really cared and valued our business which you don’t always get with marketing type companies.” – Bonita Roach, Owner