case study 2014-2022

SOG Knives & Tools is an international B2C outdoor knife & tool company with 30+ years of industry experience. With over 250+ SKU’s of tools & products, SOG serves outdoor enthusiasts & professionals across the world in stores including Wal-Mart, Bass Pro Shops. Cabela’s, Big 5, Dick’s Sporting goods & more.

Services Included

After a rebranding, SOG was looking to shake up their Marketing initiatives & gain more market share. They needed a resource to handle direction on a wide range of marketing initiatives & collateral both in print & digital spaces.

They were open to new and innovative ways to garner attention under their new look. We were tasked to work with their teams to produce evergreen content & programs across the brand.

Drive, build, improve & deploy Marketing collateral, packaging, print & digital campaigns, catalogs & more.

Scale the Marketing department to operate with better process, higher organization & efficiency.

Drive the product style & photography, social media strategy, email marketing strategy, event design & signage, rebate programs & more.

Working closely with C-suite & a small team of content producers, we began with research & identified our goals for the Marketing department.

We conducted social listening research & engaged with digital audiences, identifying users & benchmarking scenarios.

After collecting & grouping performance benchmarking analysis through their social channels and competitor markets, we found SOG was ranking lower than most of their competition in social media audiences. We agreed this was a big area of opportunity – defining a new, digital voice.

We strategized methodologies to grow SOG’s reach & audiences via social media, email marketing & giveaways alongside events & tradeshows already in place.

Real-world social media & rebate examples

Lifestyle photography

We discovered a deep brand loyalty from their customers, so we began echoing what they wanted to see. Gritty, outdoor, useful imagery depicting users as the hero and the product making them better in their lives.

Social media

We uncovered a responsive, engaging fan base that loved talking about their products & how their products influenced their lives. We built vivid, eye-catching photography & engaged with their audience in new ways with product giveaways & surveys to build conversation & gain new followers.

We collaborated with influencers to help curate unique photography & reach greater audiences through social platforms.

Product catalogs

We also drove the production of the yearly product catalog. With over 250+ individual products including custom photography & creative writing for each product, we organized, shot, edited & controlled the layout of the catalogs. Yearly printing runs consisted of 30,000+ & were sent internationally.

Over our 8+ year relationship with our longest client, we collaborated for about 5 years to build an amplified voice for SOG. Through evergreen digital campaigns, focusing on the consumer, and continuing to research and analyze the market, SOG’s social audience numbers grew to number 2 in their category.

Throughout our years together, we were proud of many milestones. Below are some of our favorite celebrations –


Number of people reached organically through a single social post ( multiple times )


Grew to #2 in their category across social media channels ( initially ranked 12th )


Images taken to be edited, color corrected & organized into a system


Reduction in human interaction & potential error after designing & implementing new project management system