Increase your productivity with time blocking

Working from home has definitely been quite the hurdle for many people. Here are some tips that have helped our team stay focused on Graphic Design and Marketing tasks throughout the day instead of getting distracted (…I’m guilty.)

If you’re not sure what time blocking is, it’s the practice of scheduling out your day into chunks of time during which you will only focus on one designated task. It’s been shown to have great benefits for productivity and can even boost confidence! Give it a try sometime and see how it works for you. Here are our tips for beginners:

  • Plan out your day, but leave room in between tasks to compensate for error (we’re all human, after all.) It’s difficult to instantly switch to a new task after spending an hour on something else, so a 10-15 minute buffer between blocks is a great idea.
  • When you’re just starting out, overestimate how long each task will take so you don’t fall behind and get discouraged.
  • Be flexible — it’s difficult to adhere to a rigid routine. Schedule in breaks and days off, and prepare yourself for the fact that not every day will go according to schedule, but it’s still more likely to be a productive day if you’re time blocking.
  • Schedule a specific block for answering emails/texts, rather than keeping your inbox open all day, which can be a major distraction!
  • Pay attention to your natural tendencies and plan accordingly. Are you awake first thing in the morning and ready to work? Schedule more difficult tasks for the beginning of the day. Can you not function properly until you’ve gotten through your third cup of coffee at 11 in the morning? Trust me, I get it. Plan to do shallower/less brain-power-intensive tasks in the morning, and get the bulky work done later.</li

Try out time blocking and see if it improves your efficiency. We hope it will help you as much as it’s helped us.



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