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I have been talking with clients quite a bit on the concept of taking a leap on initiatives and business ideas. So much so, it has led me to search for other motivational tools and lessons to learn for myself. I decided I wanted to share these motivational posts and tools to help anyone reading this feel inspired to step outside of their comfort zone and do it.

Many of my mentors have distilled this down in so many ways, but I have been reflecting a lot on how I absorb these pieces of information over time in different ways. Much like Moana ( thank you to my toddler for showing it to me 10,000+ times ) –

So much of what I have done and accomplished is from understanding that we are all capable of growth, learning and success if we know what to look for and how to apply it. If I pinpoint it, it began with TED Talks and exploring things that made me happy. I did this while working a regular job. In fact, I found ways to incorporate my passions within my job and continued to explore THROUGH my job. I want to help anyone who is interested in building a better version of themselves in whatever their passion is, as I did. So here it begins.

I love TED talks, if you read this blog, you will see many of them come through in the future. They are a fantastic, free resource for anyone to enjoy and are responsible for a good chunk of my understanding of the world. I highly encourage you to research TED Talks, they have a expansive library on a wide range of topics. Then, after you watch all of TED Talks, explore all the other TED Talk branches. You won’t regret it. Think we should highlight one? Tell us in the comments!

Here is a GREAT one on being kind to yourself and showing love over whatever the hell everyone is doing these days. As we read more and more about the negativity in the world, we choose a better way.

This is the way –


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