Build Success With Passion

#Maygoals – TL;DR – To shape teams with inspiration & passion. If you can get your team rowing in the right direction & have leadership empower their work through a relevant, powerful story – Greatness. Will. Follow. 🤔 Are you noticing more & more posts about workplace empowerment & passion? The tides are changing! We… Continue reading Build Success With Passion

EQ Is Here To Stay. And For Good Cause. Here Is A Crash Course.

You may have heard about a new trending term for the past couple of years abbreviated as EQ. My first experience with it came through a job posting as “EQ.” Emotional intelligence or EQ is vitally important in our culture and is a big factor in relationship building and maintenance today. It can help you… Continue reading EQ Is Here To Stay. And For Good Cause. Here Is A Crash Course.

How to Find a Job in a Recession

Looking for a job in a regular market can be stressful. When the market is flooded with candidates after widespread layoffs ( upwards of 70,000+ tech workers alone! ), job searching can seem very overwhelming. There is some good news / bad news here. There are things well within your control both from a candidate… Continue reading How to Find a Job in a Recession

The resources thrive on…

It is with much sadness & dismay I share, with as much resistance as I can possibly spend, I must start blogging. As a marketing & business consultant, a family man working to support his family, a child trapped inside a man’s body resisting a 9-5, I begin my first contribution…  Please be forgiving,… Continue reading The resources thrive on…