Build Success With Passion

To shape teams with inspiration & passion. If you can get your team rowing in the right direction & have leadership empower their work through a relevant, powerful story –
Greatness. Will. Follow.

🤔 Are you noticing more & more posts about workplace empowerment & passion? The tides are changing! We are now in a space now where the data has been out about productivity and workplace happiness. It isn’t about butts in seats, it isn’t about meticulously tracking & controlling process, although those are very big factors in your success.

⚡ If you want a winning team & business, it’s about developing & empowering your workforce to believe what you believe in. When this happens, friction, frustration, delays, toxic culture, all of it falls off & you will naturally get better and faster.

📈 Teaching c-suite & managers this shift is a challenge, but will save THOUSANDS in your bottom line. Your team will be happier with far less attrition & you can focus on the business metrics that help you win.

I wanted to post my story, as I hope it can help others see if I can do it, literally anyone can –

I hate the term quiet quitting. More specifically, I hate that we as a culture are defining new words for our hatred for work. I remember when I was 20 – 30, I was deep in work around what I wanted to do with my life. Everything seemed like a new road or route where I could go professionally. It was inspiring to think if I worked hard enough, I would get recognized and promoted. If I didn’t like the path, I could pivot and find something else. If I was unhappy, I would talk to my colleagues, my friends, my boss. But I still worked my butt off and did what was asked of me because I had passion for helping people and building new things. It was understood ( maybe only to me at times ) that if I was unhappy, I will simply look elsewhere for a place to make me happy. Those times are gone, both for me personally and as a culture.

The change. Tech specifically, burned me out so fast. I did not understand why these gigantic, seemingly awesome companies were working with archaic, broken metric, reporting systems that were built for us to be employed cattle in a chute. I was breaking records, winning awards, making processes work for me, and building awesome resume metrics when I was let go without cause. I wasn’t checking their boxes, although I was one of the highest converting people on the team ( and they found out I was having a child, big no no as a Contractor! ). That was when everything changed for me. I realized no matter where I worked, it would always be the same. The same cattle chutes in different cubicles and the same “culture building” ping pong tables. When I realized every company does this, everything turned boring. It wasn’t about the company anymore. It wasn’t about the role or the salary. It was something deeper than the company, the processes, the work. It was about my passion and my happiness, something I had never thought about before!

I was always thinking about the next title. The next salary milestone. The next company that would be the last, as I would finally be happy. None of it worked, and through years of this, I was more depressed than ever because every goal I thought would change my perspective never did. So I did the hardest thing I have ever done. Forced change.

Fast forward through a ton of life changes, new learnings, new projects and opportunities and I can say when I look back now, I am a better person for finally listening to my gut.

To start the change, I freelanced. I overcame the uncertainty of a steady paycheck to get comfortable with the uncomfortable problems in a business. I made a powerful realization that everyone is doing what I am doing. Nobody knows what they are doing at first, but confidence can push you through the uncertainty. Knowing if you persist and find ways to push through the uncertainty, you will eventually succeed. Building case study after case study while Freelancing, I realized I am actually pretty good at Business and Marketing Consulting. So I did the next most uncomfortable thing I could think of, opening my own business.

Centered around my biggest passion throughout my career – I focused my efforts around helping people force change and through that, change how people think about Marketing, I started spreading the word.

3 years later, we are helping more clients than ever realize this is the new way. The new normal. People are smart, innovative producers who want to believe in something. That is the core of humankind. How will you create your story to impact your workforce? Building trust and passion takes time, but if you have the right story, you can catapult to greatness.

Do you have any stories about forcing change or helping build better? I would love to hear about it!

📖 Need proof? Our check out our case studies on We have quite a few examples of how we have changed departments.

Want to learn more? 🤙 Call us! We are available for Consulting & Fractional Leadership!

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